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Poop in a Shoe

Our Server:
Get the q3Plugin from http://members.liwest.at/mb/q3plug/
Server Stats here
Server is running a P 166MMX, 160 Ram, on a 1.5Mbs Cable Modem.
Occasionally we play Q3 versions of Quake 1 Maps. Get em Here. Unzip this to your baseq3 directory.


Q3A Pias Skin. Unzip to your baseq3 directory: Here are some pics of it

Here are the DVC Skins (also attainable fromhttp://www.deadlyvenom.com.
Get em here. Unzip to your baseq3 directory

Brief History

We've been around since the Dawn of QW, at one point we accrued almost 30 members. But then I stopped playing Quake because my computer was so damn slow (p100 16 RAM, 1 MB Video) and killed my clan. Now, we've risen from the feces and are making a full fledged war with humanity. Poop in a Shoe will rule.


Deadly Venom Clan: Old School friends of ours, expect to see some wars with them.

SaFukaUOld Schooler
FriesOld Schooler
SpinaL (formerly JeffDork)Old Schooler
DecepticonNew Guy
SlawNew Guy
VeNoM New Guy

Clan Wars and mini wars

If you want a Clan war, email Chops at [Redacted].

Victory Shots


Okay, that's it go away